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When you depend on your trusty cooling system to battle the heat, it must work as efficiently and effectively as possible. But what happens when they don't? The summertime is hot in our region- so much that a proper cooling system can really come into its own during these steamy weeks in the hottest months. Without an A/C unit working properly, how is survival possible during those unbearable days where the mercury goes up.

Before upgrading, you have to decide whether or not it's time to say goodbye to old systems. There really isn't always one answer because every person has different requirements out of their HVAC appliances; however, you can say goodbye to your old AC system with these telltale signs.  

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Here are some sure-fire signs of letting you know when it's time to upgrade to a new cooling system:
1. Your system is over 10 years old.
2. You have to go through constant repairs.
3. Your home has several hot and cold spots.
4. You are paying higher than normal energy bills.
5. Your system still works with R22 refrigerant (which is being phased out).


Air Conditioner Installs and Replacements You Can Trust

After reading the signs, you've probably noticed that your old air conditioning system is not running as efficiently. Fortunately, getting a new unit can be easy when you call us! We highly recommend our reliable maintenance services because they ensure years of performance from any AC installation. It works by giving the system regular checkups and cleanings, so it works better than ever before - plus no more worrying about costly repairs or service calls.

Still not sure if we should upgrade? Here are some of the advantages that await you once our new system goes into place:

1. You'll save a good amount in the long run. A more efficient system will keep your energy bills lower as it won't be working as hard as your old system.
2. You'll enjoy more peace and quiet. Today's efficient cooling systems are not noisy in comparison to older units.
3. You'll experience total dreamy comfort with optimum airflow, low noise modes, and cooler air. You'll feel rested like a baby.

When deciding on a new cooling system, make sure you take into account the size of your home and what will work best. A too small or large unit can affect how well it performs efficiently - which is why we offer some top-notch pros who know their stuff!


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We get that you're probably not feeling great about your home's AC system. But we also get how challenging it can be when the temperature outside is just unbearable! With our pros on board, keeping cool has never been easier - so give us a call today for installation, maintenance, or emergency services as per your needs.